Want to see your kids literally bouncing with joy? This class is not only pure fun, it’s one of the best ways for your child to gain strength and flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness.

Working on the trampoline helps your child find her center of gravity. It also develops her spacial awareness, which enhances cognitive development. Trampolining is so exhilarating, your jumper won’t even realize how much energy she’s expending and how much courage and confidence she’s gaining.

We challenge each student to build on the basic skills such as tuck jumps to pike jumps, seat drops to doggy drops, front drops, back drops and so much more. Once they’ve mastered all of the fundamentals safely and accurately, they learn to flip and master some other cool tricks.

Program Details

  • Group classes with an 8:1 student teacher ratio
  • Our group classes are limited to 8 students per teacher and will require at least 3 participants
  • Children will sanitize their hands as the enter and exit the gymnastics area
  • Equipment—Floor mats, Pit and trampoline, including spotting belts to assist in learning how to flip


  • Warm-up of strength, flexibility, and basic tumbling
  • Trampoline
  • Conditioning, cool down and stretch

Schedule & Registration

School Year 2022-2023
Health & Safety Policy

The health and safety of our students and extended Schafer Sports Center family will always come first. See our Health & Safety Protocols for full details.