Parent/Tot & Preschool

Donkey kicks become cartwheels, Spiderman becomes a handstand and an imaginary choo choo train signals it’s time for a new activity. Our creative curriculum is designed and delivered by Schafer experts who know how young children think, and how their muscles and bones grow.

This parent/child class opens the world of movement to your toddler, and teaches him to follow directions, take turns, get along with others and keep trying. You’ll be amazed at how high he can climb and how he’ll swing on a trapeze and walk the balance beam while you hold his hand and guide him on our kid-sized equipment.

Class ends with smiles, stickers, stamps and high-fives all around.

Program Details

  • Group classes will have an 8:1 student teacher ratio
  • Equipment—Trampoline, balance beam, vault, uneven bars, floor exercise, boys events


  • Floor Exercises – Tumbling forward, backwards and sideways
  • Horizontal bar and Boys Events—Developing hanging and support skills
  • Trampoline – Basic jumps and drops develop spatial awareness
  • Vault – Run, hurdle, jump, landings and vaults

Schedule & Registration