Cheer & Teen Tumbling

Give us a C-H-E-E-R! Maybe your child’s goal is to aim for something new or advance her skills to prepare for cheerleading tryouts or competitions. A dedicated class at Schafer Sports is the answer.

Perfect for beginner to intermediate to advanced-level students, Cheer Tumbling explores the world of cheerleading and gymnastics simultaneously, and builds strength, flexibility and conditioning. Schafer’s coaching team is dedicated to helping students master new skills in a safe, secure and positive manner.

Program Details

  • All classes are 60 minutes in length
  • 8 students per teacher and will require at least 3 participants
  • Equipment—Floor mats, Pit and trampoline, Tumbletrak and spotting belts to assist in learning how to flip


  • Warm-up and strength and flexibility
  • Tumbling
  • Tumbletrak & Trampoline
  • Conditioning, cool down and stretch

Schedule & Registration