Boys Gymnastics Team

There’s no I in TEAM! At Schafer’s every boy learns what it means to work hard and excel as an individual, while encouraging their fellow gymnasts to reach their goals. Our Boys Gymnastics Teams have won (dozens) of state championships and our athletes have earned (hundreds) of individual awards. But more important is every boy’s sense of accomplishment and confidence, leadership, sportsmanship and resilience.

Boys will develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of every movement and correct form, along with strength and flexibility. We emphasize a sense of healthy competition at this level, but always maintain our teaching philosophy of positive reinforcement.

Team Descriptions


  • Ages 6-9
  • Boys focus on developing strength, flexibility, basic movements and form, working on the floor, horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse and mushroom, still rings, and trampoline.

Boys Team

  • Ages 9 and Up
  • Building on the skills learned in Mini-Team, the boys develop the strength, flexibility, knowledge, form and capacity to execute the skills for competition

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“The boys team experience has been a very rewarding experience for our son. Coach Jon knows how to push him in a very supportive and encouraging way. He expects respect, still allowing the boys to be boys and have fun. We could not ask for a better environment and coach for our son to learn gymnastics and to compete in.”
Heather O'Connell