General FAQ’s

1. Are you open for recreational classes?

We are running all classes in gymnastics, swimming, baseball, lacrosse and soccer

2. Are masks required?

All students, instructors and any parent permitted in the building are required to wear a mask the entire time in the facility. Swim students are require to wear masks in the building but are allowed to remove them during their lesson (time in the water). Our instructors in the pool are required to have a face shield at all times.

3. How do you handle cleaning the facility?

We sanitize after each class. Our students and teachers sanitize after each rotation on equipment. We have hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. Washing hands with soap and water is also encouraged regularly.  A complete list of safety measures and protocols are available at SAFETY PROTOCOLS

4. Do you offer make up lessons?

We have adopted a very flexible make up policy as we encourage parents to keep kids home if they are feeling sick. We want to ensure the safety of all during this time.

5. What is your screening policy?

Everyone has a temp. check at the front door prior to entering the building. Anyone having a temp. of 100.4 or higher, will not be permitted in the building. Sanitizing your hands everytime you enter the facility is required.  Everyone must complete and submit our daily health screen questionnaire prior to entrance.

6. How do you socially distance in the building?

We have individual seating spaced out at least 8 ft.  Parents of kids 6 yrs and up are asked to drop students at the door and wait in the car so that we can limit the number of people in the building. We have configured our classes so that the 8 ft. spacing is in effect even during classes. Students learn using designated markers in classes and rotate once they have been instructed to do so.

7. Are kids allowed to drink from the water fountain?

All water fountains have been turned off and we ask parents to send in water bottles for their child’s use. We do this in an effort to limit shared spaces.  We sell individual water bottles should anyone need it.