Parties FAQ’s

1. What days and times are parties offered?

  • Gymnastics, Pool, parties are offered on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.
  • Turf/Sports parties are on Saturday’s only, from January thru mid March.
  • Upon requests we can also offer Pool and Turf/Sports parties on Friday evenings, although this isn’t always a guarantee.

2. What is the cost of the parties?

  • Gymnastics/Sports Basic
    Member rate: $305 up to 20 kids, $385 up to 30 kids & $465 up to 40 kids
    Non member rate: $330 up to 20 kids, $410 up to 30 kids & $490 up to 40 kids
  • Gymnastics/Sports Plus
    Member rate: $375 up to 20 kids, $475 up to 30 kids & $575 up to 40 kids
    Non member rate: $400 up to 20 kids, $500 up to 30 kids & $600 up to 40 kids
  • Pool Basic
    Member rate: $350 up to 20 kids, $430 up to 30 kids & $510 up to 40 kids
    Non member rate: $375 up to 20 kids, $455 up to 30 kids & $535 up to 40 kids
  • Pool Plus
    Member rate: $405 up to 20 kids, $505 up to 30 kids & $605 up to 40 kids
    Non member rate: $455 up to 20 kids, $555 up to 30 kids & $655 up to 40 kids

3. How much time is dedicated to activities during the party?

  • The Gymnastics and Turf/Sports parties consists of 1hr of activities and half hour in the party room
  • The Pool party consists of 1hr on the water, 15 min for changing and half hour in the party area

4. What are we allowed to bring?

  • For a Basic Party: you provide the paper goods (table cloths, plates, napkins, forks), box drinks or bottled water, and the birthday cake or cupcakes or cookie cake. No other outside food is permitted
    For a Plus Party: You provide your birthday cake, cupcakes or cookie cake. (Plus Party Pizza must be ordered through us!)
  • You only have half an hour in the party room before the next party starts, so it is recommended to keep things simple.

5. Are we allowed to decorate the room?

  • You are limited to balloons that can be tied to the table or anything that can be placed on the party table.
  • Nothing can be mounted or taped to the walls

6. When do we get access to the room?

  • Because we have parties back to back and need to prepare the rooms for each party, you will only have access to the party room after the first 45 minutes of the party.
  • Our party hostess will take all of your party items and prep the room while you and your guests are enjoying the party.

7. What time should we arrive?

  • You and your party guests should only arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled party time
  • We want to ensure that parties have adequate time to depart
  • Pool parties should ask guest to come dressed in bathing suits for quick access to the pool

8. Do we get a refund if party guests don’t show up to the party?

  • There are NO REFUNDS for parties or party guests
  • If your child gets sick, you may reschedule
  • If there is inclement weather, you may reschedule

9. What is the age allowed to participate in the party?

  • All of our parties are appropriate for age 3 -teen
  • Siblings and guests must be at least 3 and potty trained at the time of the party

10. How many parties are going on at a time?

  • We can have at least 2 parties happening at the same time
  • The party room can be divided to accommodate 2 parties at a time

11. Can we reserve the entire room?

  • No

12. Is there a limit on the number of kids that can attend the party?

  • Gymnastics and Turf/Sports parties have a limit of 40 guests
  • Pool parties have a limit of 25 guests

13. Are parents able to drop their child and return at the end of the party

  • It is recommended that guest ages 6 and up can be dropped for Gymnastics and Turf/Sports parties.
  • Pool party guest can be dropped if they are swimmers and if they are 8 years and up

14. When is payment due for the party?

  • If your party is booked 30 days prior to the requested day, payment in full is due at the time of booking
  • If your party is booked up to 60 days prior to your requested date, a$150 non-refundable deposit is due at booking and the balance will be due 30 days before the party date.

15. Who is allowed in the party room during serving time?

  • It is recommended that only children attending the party and the host parents are allowed in the party room. If parents want to stay, we recommend they hang out in the back of the room, and remember that the time limit in the room is 30 minutes as another party will need to be set up.
  • If a child needs assistance, their parent is allowed to stay in the room with them.

16. How do I book my party?

  • You can now reserve a time online, however, your party isn’t confirmed until you receive a confirmation email./call from our entertainment staff.  Once you receive a confirmation from our staff, your party will be processed and reserved after payment is received from you.
  • You can also call us and book directly with the front desk.