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  • Tuesday, Jan 19, 10:15 am – Register
  • Thursday, Jan 21, 10:30 am – Register
  • Thursday, Jan 21, 7:00 pm – Register
  • Saturday, Jan 23, 8:00 am – Register


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Join us for fun in the sun as we play, swim, and tumble our way through summer. At Schafer Sports we believe in developing children’s skills, nurturing their self-esteem, and inspiring them to reach for the stars. School-aged children can choose from our three active full-day camps, while our littlest campers can play in our half-day preschool camp.

Program Details

  • Full-day camp ages—5-12 (five-year-olds must be in kindergarten)
  • Half-day camp ages 3 to 5 (not attending kindergarten)
  • Hours: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (Full-day); 9 a.m.-12 p.m. (Half-day)
  • Optional: lunch until 12:30 pm, Swim lesson 12 – 1 pm
  • Extended hours – early drop off 7:30 a.m., late pickup 5:30 p.m.
  • Teacher to camper ratio—1:10
  • June 27 – September 2


Available Lessons

Test Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons


Gymnastics Camp

Your child will jump to new heights while gaining strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence through gymnastics. We offer a variety of fun and challenging activities provided with expert guidance and instruction from lively, enthusiastic and encouraging teachers. In the afternoons, children get to swim, play and learn water safety in our indoor heated pool.

Soccer Camp

A quality day camp for athletes of all levels! Children work with our premier coaches to discover the basics or sharpen their skills for the fall while gaining valuable experience in teamwork. We help kids pass, kick and score their way to success, developing a love of soccer and advancing gross motor skills, balance, and endurance. Later, there’s time too to cool off in the pool and participate in water activities!

Multi-Sport Camp

Does your child want to do it all? Welcome to the camp that HAS it all. We offer a day-full of soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, flag football, playground games, and swimming. Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of sports with our professionally-trained staff, develop a variety of skills and maybe even discover their true athletic passion!

Preschool Camp

Little ones will have oodles of fun in our half-day camp, perfect for children ages 3 – 5 years old. From 9 to noon, they engage in gymnastics, soccer, playground games, music and movement, as well as arts and crafts. Kids work on gross and fine motor skills while learning through play and exploring the inner reaches of their imagination.

Girls, Ages 5-7
Girls, Ages 7-9
Girls, Ages 10+
Girls Intermediate
Girls Advanced

Join us for a tumbling, running, jumping, and flipping good time! Girls ages 5 and up will develop a full set of gymnastics skills along with strength, endurance, resiliency, grace and a love of fitness—important qualities that will last a lifetime. We focus on the fundamentals and inspire girls to embrace learning as an exciting journey.

Your daughter will build self-confidence and assurance on the balance beam, floor exercises, trampoline, uneven bars and vault. At Schafer Sports, we want students to feel challenged, but supported every step of the way.

Due to Covid-19 reduced capacity limitations, we are only allowed a limited # of occupants in the facility, therefore we are doing curbside drop off and pick-up. Please see our Health Handbook for full details.

PREASE COMPLETE! COVID-19 Daily Health Screening prior to entering the building each day.

Temperatures will be taken daily upon arrival.

Program Details

Limit of 1 parent per child for preschool I & II
limit of 6 students / class
All children will sanitize hands between each event and the equipment will be sanitized between each event
boys and girls combined classes

Beginner classes: 1 hour, ages 5 – 7; 7 – 9; 10 and up
Advanced classes: 1 hour and twenty minutes, ages 7 – 9; 9 and up
Teacher to student ratio: 1:8
Equipment—Pit, trampoline, balance beam, vault, uneven bars, floor exercise


Floor Exercises – Tumbling forward, backwards and sideways
Balance Beam – Basic dance skills, mounts, dismounts and tumbles
Vault – Basic run, hurdle, jump, landings and vaults
Uneven Bars – Upper body strength and swinging skills
Trampoline and the Pit – Basic jumps and drops develop spatial awareness and lead to handsprings and somersaults

Available Summer Classes and Times

Available Lessons




6-6:45 pm | Boys Pre-Team (No parent support required)


9-9:45 am | Gymnastics (Parent support required)
9:50-10:30 am | Gymnastics (Parent support required)
10:35-11:15 am | Advanced gym/conditioning (No parent support required)


10-10:45 am | Gymnastics (Parent support required)
10:50-11:30 am | Independent Gymnastics and More (No parent support required)

Special Olympics

Special Olympics Teams


10-10:45 am | Developmental Team; by invitation only
11-12 am | Girls Team; by invitation only
12-1 pm | Boys Team; by invitation only

Special Olympics YAP Gymnastics


9:45am-10:15 | YAP Gymnastics Movement and Motion; age 2-4
–– session 1: 10/16-11/20
–– session 2: 1/22-2/26
–– session 3: 3/5-4/9
10:30-11:15 | YAP Gymnastics Movement and Motion; age 5-7
–– session 1: 10/16-11/20
–– session 2: 1/22-2/26
–– session 3: 3/5-4/9

Special Olympics YAP Soccer

All free programs through special olympics NJ, athlete must be registered with SONJ prior to enrollment.


11:30-12:30 am | Lil Kickers Junior Division Soccer; age 6-9
–– Starts Sept. 18 and ends Oct. 30.
9:30-10:00 am | YAP Soccer Skills and Drills; age 2-4
–– session 1: 10/16-11/20
–– session 2: 1/22-2/26
–– session 3: 3/5-4/9
10:15-10:50 | YAP Soccer Sills and Drills; age 5-7
–– session 1: 10/16-11/20
–– session 2: 1/22-2/26
–– session 3: 3/5-4/9