Swimming Lessons

Swim instructor teaching young children swim strokes at Schafer Sports Center

New Safety Protocols

  • Everyone will have temperatures taken prior to entering the building
  • We will have every other changing stall available for use
  • Swimmers will need to provide their own goggles if needed due to the capacity limitations within the building, we will only permit one parent or guardian to be present for lessons
  • In accordance with stat mandates and our new safety measures, everyone must enter the building wearing a face covering
    while in the waiting area the parent or guardian must keep a face covering on at all times
  • Swimmers will be allowed to remove their face covering for lessons, but will need to have them on upon leaving the changing room/facility
  • COVID-19 Daily Health Screening must be completed prior to entering the building each day
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and prior to entering the building each week. If the temperature reads 100.4 or higher entrance will not be permitted
  • Please see our Health Handbook for more details

While we have implemented a more flexible make up policy during COVID-19, All lessons will require a 24 hour cancellation notice via a phone call at 609 393-5855 and email to our front office at info@schafersports.com to be eligible for a make up for any missed lessons.

Given that we are now private lessons and semi private lessons, and all instructors are assigned to very specific times, we are unable to guarantee an immediate placement for your make up lessons. Make up lessons will be approved based on availability.

We will now have our changing room available for limited use upon completion of your child’s swim lesson. All students will need to arrive in their swim wear ready to take class.

Program Details

  • Ages—Infant and up
  • Class length—30 minutes
  • Teacher to student ratio—1:1 and 1:2
  • Equipment—A 90 degree warm-water teaching pool designed for children’s swim instruction with a high-end UV purification system to keep water pristine and gentle on the skin.

Available Lessons

New evidence indicates that children who have been introduced to a water safety program may stand a much better chance of survival in the event of a water incident. In fact, along with proper adult supervision, formal swimming lessons are associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning for children ages 1-4.*
*National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

Additionally, research at Griffith University found that swim lessons actually teach a whole lot more than bubble blowing and back floats. In fact, their study showed that kids who took swim lessons before the age of 5, were 6 to 20 months ahead of their peers…in a many different areas.

This study looked at 7,000 kids who took swimming lessons in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Turns out, those swim class kids had a substantial competitive edge across all developmental areas:

  • Intellectually, they were 6 months ahead of their peers in counting and mathematics reasoning
  • Physically, they were 7 months ahead in motor development
  • Socially, they were 15 months ahead in socio and emotional development

Are you and your child ready to jump in to a whole new way of learning about swimming and water safety? Then we’ll nurture their natural love of learning and build their comfort and confidence.

For more information, read Aquatics Frequently Asked Questions.

“I am thrilled that Schafer Sports Center will offer swimming for special needs children. Water safety and drowning prevention are important for every child to learn. My grandson is autistic, and he loves water. I am glad he’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of swimming, and will enjoy water in a safe and comfortable environment.”
Bobbie Brown