Swim Conditioning

Stroke Clinic

Give your child a head start in competitive swimming and advanced techniques today by enrolling in Swim Conditioning at Schafer Sports Center! Swim conditioning provide a great way to learn and improve swim technique.

Class coaches will evaluate each swimmer to ensure readiness for the program. The program utilizes a series of drills to breakdown and re-build each swimmer’s strokes, starts, turns and finishes. In addition, swimmers will learn the rules and regulations governing competitive swimming.

Our Swim Conditioning classes put emphasis on proper technique over speed. A strong technical foundation will ensure that students’ progress much faster when the time comes for them to work on speed.

Many children who have the potential to become great swimmers are placed on swim teams. However, without adequate guidance and instruction, children do not learn the proper techniques. As a result, improper techniques develop into bad habits which can hinder progress.

Students will enhance their strokes with drills taught by our stroke technique coaches. Swim conditioning is exciting and fast paced, and students will receive a great workout.

Swim Conditioning Offers

  • Physical conditioning  – to build strength and stamina
  • Stroke refinement  – to prevent bad habits
  • Advanced skills  – that are beyond basic swimming such as starts and turns
  • Intensive coaching  – students are given 1-on-1 critiquing and guidance

60 Minutes Swim Conditioning

  • Offered to children who are 5 years or older and have a good knowledge of backstroke and freestyle
  • Each 60 Minute clinic includes: 15 minutes dry land and 45 minutes in – water swimming
  • Must bring: Swim cap, googles, jammers swim suit for boys, race swim suit for girls
  • $100 per month
  • Tuesdays 6:20pm–7:20pm or Sundays 11:10am–12:10pm
  • This class require recommendation from an instructor. The focus is getting stronger in the pool and building stamina and strength. Students must have completed either swim level 6 or stroke class

Read Aquatics Frequently Asked Questions.

For additional information on our Swim Conditioning or to register, please call (609) 393-5855.