PTAC Diving

We are excited to offer diving classes, yes diving, within a safe and positive environment while helping every child reach their full potential. This is dry land training and you do not need to get wet or even know how to swim to learn. Our objective is to teach the proper mechanics and techniques of diving and to ensure a solid foundation for success in the sport of diving.

Each class will begin with stretching,  followed by strength and diving related conditioning to warm up. We will work on diving skills and drills anywhere from mechanics and technique to flipping and twisting onto mats. Lastly, we will utilize the trampolines to increase body control and spatial awareness, while flipping safely with a safety belt and harness system. We accept all ages and all skill levels!

New Safety Measures

  • Everyone will have temperatures taken prior to entering the building
  • COVID-19 Daily Health Screening must be completed prior to entering the building each day
  • There will be a thermometer touch-free scan for each parent and child as you pass through the line to enter the facility
  • If you pass the health screening questions and temperature check, we will allow one parent per family to enter the facility for classes for children 5 yrs and younger
  • We won’t allow anyone in for classes who does not pass the health screening process as this is for the safety of all
  • Our staff will be required to wear a face covering at all times
  • To reduce the number of occupants, we are moving to curbside drop off for students 6 yrs and older with a staff member greeting and escorting your child into the facility and to class
  • A face covering will be required for all parents and children who enter the facility
  • Hands free sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the facility and must be used prior to entering the facility
  • Students will sanitize between each event
  • We will have staff disinfecting between each event/class
  • Please see our Health Handbook for more details

Diving Sessions