Girls Gymnastics Team

young girl at gymnastics team competition at Schafer Sports Center

Schafer Sports has won dozens of girls’ team state championships and our athletes have earned hundreds of individual awards. But we don’t measure success by the trophies on our shelves—we measure it by every girl’s sense of accomplishment and confidence, their resilience, their sportsmanship and the longstanding friendships they and their families build with us.
If your child is looking to take her skills to the next level, then Schafer’s Girls Teams will develop a strong foundation for competition as well as a lifetime of physical fitness, discipline and focus.

USAIGC Team Descriptions


Ages 5-7
Training 2x week for 1½ hours each week
Students focus on developing strength, flexibility, and basic movements, working on the bars, floor, and trampoline.

Copper 1 & Copper 2

Ages 6 & Up
Monday and Thursday 5:15 to 8:15pm
This is the first competitive level. Students strengthen all of their skills and add vault as an event.

Bronze, Silver & Gold

Ages 8 & Up
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:15 to 9:00pm
Students who have mastered all the fundamentals now focus on building their strengths to compete successfully.

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