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Does your son like to run, jump, and climb to new heights? Then Schafer Sports Boys Gymnastics classes are for him.

Your son will develop physical strength, flexibility, balance, and core motor skills through fun and challenging movements. Schafer Sports provides an encouraging environment with a focus on the individual student and an emphasis on fundamentals. Our positive instructors offer constructive feedback and inspire each boy to keep trying and take on new challenges. We believe that every child can gain a positive attitude towards physical fitness and have fun along the way!

Program Details

Beginner classes: 1 hour, ages 5-7; 7-9
Intermediate to advanced classes: 1 hour and twenty minutes, ages 9 and up
Teacher to student ratio: 1:8 for beginner, 1:10 for intermediate
Equipment— Horizontal bar, parallel bars, pit and trampoline, pommel horse and mushroom, still rings, vault


Floor Exercises – Tumbling forward, backwards and sideways
Horizontal bar—Developing swinging skills
Parallel Bars – Upper body strength through support skills and basic swing
Pommel horse and mushroom– Upper body strength through support skills and basic swing
Still rings—Swinging skills and strength
Trampoline and pit – Basic jumps and drops develop spatial awareness, leading to handsprings and somersaults
Vault – Run, hurdle, jump, landings and vaults

Available Classes and Times

Boys, Ages 5-7
Boys, Ages 7-9
Boys, Ages 9+
Boys, Ages 10+
Looking to take your skills to the next level? Check out our Boys Team Classes!

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