“Practice makes permanent,” believes Schafer Sports Center founder, Jonathan Schafer. He also believes that providing constant encouragement is the key to building a lifetime love of learning and of physical fitness.

As a member of Temple University’s gymnastics team, Jonathan “was half as talented but worked three times harder,” he recalls. His own struggles fueled his desire to help others understand movement—to break it down, teach the muscles to move correctly, and build fundamental skills, focused on proper mechanics.

Jonathan started Schafer School of Gymnastics at the age of 32 and has grown it into one of the most respected clubs in New Jersey with the largest enrollment in the region.

Shannon was drawn to parents and children with special needs after seeing the hurt of those who had been turned away from other centers. That was 10 years ago.

It all came together when the couple enrolled their son in swimming lessons. Less than satisfied, they decided to give parents what they wanted for their own kids: personalized, high-quality lessons in a warm water pool with outstanding instructors.

Thus, Schafer Sports Center was born.