Youth Athletics

Special Needs Youth Athletics

This unique sport and play program promotes the development of social, cognitive, motor, and play skills of children ages 2-7.

This program was developed with Special Olympics to prepare children for sports by playing games and participating in activities based on a progression of early childhood motor skills.

Please complete the intake form so that we can better understand your child and their needs. This will allow us to work with you in creating a program that fits their needs.

Play Ground Sports

We will focus on teaching the basics of the most common playground games played at school recess or during gym class. Social play will also be a focus as we encourage taking turns and how we communicate as teammates and how we build friendships. This class is most appropriate for students that are independent of parent support.

Parent/Child Turf Social Play

Social play is a key part of development so we work at giving parents and children the tools needed to navigate appropriate play. We encourage parents to engage and model social play skill sets through group play as a class on our indoor turf. This is a class most appropriate for children that require parent support.(age 5-7 yrs)

Parent/Tot Turf Fundamentals

Children ages 3-5 yrs that require parent support will be given the tools to navigate through basic turf games, so that they learn how to play with others, take turns and work towards the basic understanding of group play.

Turf Skills and Drills

In this class we work to give students more challenging skill sets as it pertains to multi sports and getting prepared for sport specific training and conditioning. This is a class that doesn’t require parent support

Turf and Social

This is appropriate for young adults ages 18 and up. We will go through various sports specific training and conditioning as a means to teach young adults how to be more physical and use their bodies appropriately. We will work hard for half the time in class and then half the time facilitate social play and entertainment so as to give social time with friends.

Soccer Basics

We have a developmental soccer and competitive soccer program and want to give all students the opportunity to learn all the basics and fundamentals of the game. So, if your child is independent in behavior and does not require parent support, this is the perfect class for them to really learn all about soccer. This class is most appropriate for ages 8-12.

Class Schedule


4:10-4:40 pm | Playground Sports; age 5-7 (No parent support required)
4:45-5:15 pm | Parent/Child Turf Social Play; age 5-7 (Parent support required)
5:30-6 pm | Parent/Tot Turf Fundamentals; age 3-5 (Parent support required)
6:10-6:45 pm | Turf Skills and Drills; age 8-11 (No parent support required)
6:50-7:25 pm | Playground Sports; age 10-13 (No parent support required)


6-7 pm | Turf n Social; age 18+ (No parent support required)


10:30-11:20 am | Soccer Basics; age 8-12 (No parent support required)