Kids First and Families Always Matter

Schafer Sports Center

Kids First and Families Always Matter

Watch your child’s curiosity ignite into a spirit of confidence.  At Schafer Sports, we put fun in the fundamentals of sports. Here, every child is unique. Every family is part of our family. And every teacher is a mentor who inspires kids to reach for the stars.  Whatever their sport we’ll build your child’s skills, nurture their dreams and ensure they reach their individual potential.


What's Happening

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Adult Fitness

Pay as you go

Classes now being offered at Schafer Sports Center. 45 minutes long and $15 per class. Walk-ins welcome or call 609-393-5855 to register

Pediatric & Aquatic Therapy

Where sports meet therapy

Learn more about this extensive program and how we can help your child.

Kids MusicRound

Watch your child thrive both musically and socially while immersed in a fun, musical environment.


New Options!

• Marie Moore Irish Dance
• Aquatic Performance Training
• Kids Music Round
Ask at front desk for more details.

Let's Get Lucky invitational

March 23-24

“I am very passionate about teaching children with Autism and other special needs. Your children can find a home at Schafer’s when others say no.”
Shannon Schafer, owner and Director of Special Needs

“After 25 years of nurturing Schafer School of Gymnastics, of teaching preschoolers, to competitive teen athletes, to Special Olympians, we have built our dream and our dream is all about you.”
Jon Schafer, owner and CEO

“Jon and Shannon Schafer are two of the most dedicated and caring teachers/coaches that you will find anywhere. Theirs is a family-oriented environment where athletes from all skill levels have every opportunity to advance. There is no other place that I would send my child and no other place I would recommend.”
Steve Wilfing, parent